One of my biggest reason coming to the states was the german random use of the word ‚can’t‘. No matter what it was about they kept telling me you got no legs, you can’t do this and that. ‚You won’t be able to walk, and there is no way of running, at least there is no way of being successful on an international level, there is no chance of winning a medal at the paralympic games…‘ and I would be able to find thousands of more ‚can’ts‘ they told me.

Let me tell you something. If you put your mind on something you can reach anything! I am wearing my artificial legs all day long cause yes I am walking and no I got no wheelchair. I am running competitive and I won 5 medals in world games and world championships. But there is still one unfinished business: bringing home a paralympic medal.

Putting my mind on this goal I moved to oklahoma city. My coach calls ‚can’t‘ the ‚c-word‘. Never ever say the ‚c-word‘ when he is around. Beeing here since 10 days now I already started clearing my life of ‚can’ts‘. Yesterday he wanted me to do a sand workout. I know even for single below knee amputees it is one of the hardest things to run in sand with a blade. And as I’m used to the german attitude I said ‚there is no way of running in the sand for and double above knee amputee!‘ As usual he wasn’t accepting a ‚can’t and I knew he won’t give up unless I at least try so I just did what he said. And let me tell you something. The first seconds weren’t easy at all but after a few steps it was more then doable. It was insane hard but I’m so happy that my coach made me doing this. I can’t wait for next weeks sand workoutto come.

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